Scholarship Requirements

The Cohen Student Leadership Retreat 2023

The Cohen Student Leadership Scholarship program is focused on continuing to develop successful student leadership who have demonstrated a significant and active commitment to and the fostering of tolerance and understanding among the campus community.

Because of this, scholarship recipients will be required to participate in The Cohen Student Leadership Retreat. In this experience, students will engage in dialogue with their peers and campus partners in order to further their good work addressing the topics of eliminating bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination within their student organization.

Scholarship recipients will be expected to attend The Cohen Student Leadership Retreat which will be taking place on a weekend in late February 2023. 

Cohen Scholarship Dinner

Scholarship recipients, along with their family members, friends, and campus partners, will be invited to The Cohen Scholarship Dinner where they will be recognized for their accomplishments. Recipients will be expected to attend the dinner and ceremony in late March 2023.