In 1990, The Martha and Albert Cohen Scholarship for Enhancing Community Award was established by Stephen Cohen (a Husky from the class of 1965) in honor of his parents Martha and Albert Cohen. Stephen had a deep desire to recognize students who demonstrated a significant commitment to eliminating bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination at UConn and in the local community. Through the establishment and continued support of this award over the years, Stephen demonstrated a life-long commitment to support and highlight students on campus who, through their actions and involvement in organizations, actively participated in advocacy and humanitarian work between groups.

Sadly, in January 2017, Stephen Cohen passed away. Wishing to further solidify his commitment to and support of the Cohen Scholarship and most importantly students’ efforts to eliminate discrimination, Stephen bequeathed a significant portion of his estate to the Cohen Student Leadership Scholarship for Enhancing Community.

As a result of Stephen’s unprecedented generosity, the University’s Cohen Student Leadership Scholarship is able to recognize students who have demonstrated a significant and active commitment to eliminating bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination and to fostering tolerance and understanding among the campus community as a direct part of their active membership in their registered student organizations.